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bookshop_love's Journal

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bookshops, bookshops, bookshops, all about bookshops
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Now you've wandered in, please browse and join us as we chat about our favourite bookshops, and bookshops we have visited, and even just the notions surrounding bookshops. Be the bookshop filled with new books, secondhand books, antique books, be it even a corner in an op-shop.

Is browsing in a bookshop an indulgence you find it hard to resist, even when you're broke, and especially when you have money but need to spend it on other things? How often do you visit? Do you wish you could justify buying another copy of a book because the binding is better, or the pages more flexible and therefore this thick book would be easier to hold, better to read? If you could run your own bookshop, what would be like? Go into detail, and feel free to post about it several times, and to change your mind.

Bookshops are one of the benefits of a materialistic society! Let's make the best of it, and share the delight of bookshops!

love your local bookshop