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rainyblog in bookshop_love

Bookshop Irregulars

My time spent working in a secondhand bookshop in London gave me plenty of opportunity to witness human behaviour at its strangest. To preserve the memory of some of these, shall we say, 'distinctive' characters, I've created Bookshop Irregulars, an illustrated collection of some of the weirdest individuals ever to step over the threshold of that musty old word cave. More coming soon...

Thanks to Jenny for her graphix.

Ballroom Blitzer

Ballroom Blitzer only came in a few times but I feel he's worth including. Despite being a portly man with miniature feet he had a penchant for Latin dancing which he would bang on about for hours to any available member of staff. Like many Bookshop Irregulars, he also stank. He usually wore navy blue ankle-swinging trousers with suspcious looking stains caked down the front, a baggy black leather jacket and a dingy grey-white shirt... read more and comment.