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cousin_of_black in bookshop_love

Look what I found!

An article titled The Elusive Bookshop, which is about a bookshop in London.

Wouldst thou like a sample?

'At the back of the shop hidden by the counter is a huge circular table, surrounded by five high backed chairs for the customers use, although you will usually find one of the staff reading a book with a pot of tea and a spare mug.'


Wowwww, that place sounds almost magical! Remainded me a bit of The Glacier's great libray in Lirael...Truly a dream bookshop, and so fitting for London!
*me loves*
I know! It sounds amazing, doesn't it? I would love to own a bookshop like that one day! Or, at least, be one of the priveleged customers that gets to go downstairs...
So enticing. Now I just have to get to London...