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cousin_of_black in bookshop_love

New Edition and Elizabeth's

New Edition must be one of the loveliest book shops in which I have ever had the pleasure of browsing! From the outside it is a glorious old place from the days when they really knew how to design buildings, all stunning architecture and cream paint with these lovely doors - doors that a very like a good bookshop. Inside there is all this space, and wooden floor boards, a counter by the door, and another halfway along the room. They stock new books, and some of the shelving is flush along the wall, some standing shelves, back to back forming u-shaped alcoves in which make for intimate browsing, perfect for the poetry and classics sections! I really enjoyed being in New Edition, and, since they're clever enough to be well stocked, it's just as well I was skint at the time or I would have bought a lot of books! If you're ever in Fremantle you simply must go to New Edition. Here is their website.

There is also an Elizabeth's bookstore in Fremantle, and I liked this store more than the other Elizabeth's bookstores I had come across in Perth, mostly because of the Simone de Beauvoir novel I found there, which I had to leave behind in order to be able close my suitcase on the way back to Geelong. Elizabeth's is your usual secondhand bookstore, with the smell, the right sort of shelving, the many many books. However they are well stocked, with a wide range, so they usually have a lot of customers, and only one poor person serving them all. But the Fremantle store has an upstairs section with sale books, which were only one or two dollars each, and so I made my way up there. I love upstairs sections in secondhand bookstores, because usually people are so busy looking at all the books downstairs they don't even realise there's an upstairs - I think this may have to do with the staircase being nearly obscured by books. Though it was hot upstairs at Elizabeth's, and the pedestal fan was never facing in the right direction, I had a good old browse, and found some wonderful books. That was the best, browsing in the huge, open room, all alone. Just me and the books and the heat. And the Simone de Beauvoir novel, one of her shortest, I'm sure, was the topping on the ice cream. I do wish I'd taken that book back with me. But I'm sure I'll find it again sometime.