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For something a bit different...

Dymocks bookstore in Market Square, Geelong

Dymocks in Market Square is currently undergoing renovation! Last time I walked past there were very few bookshelves, a few handymen, and renovating/constructing type things lying around. It also seemed much roomier than when it is crammed with books. It will be interesting to see how it looks when they re-open later this month, to which I am looking forward. I think they must be starting to re-stock the store very soon. I will see if I can get a couple of pictures when they re-open.

Anyone else been in or near any bookstores not in their usual condition?

Also, I have a rl friend who will soon be going to England, and there is a bookstore but two minutes' walk from her granddad's house, which sounds amazing! She said it's a small narrow building with several floors. The ground floor is a cafe, and at the back there is a spiral stair case, leading to three floors crammed with books. Doesn't that sound like somewhere you'd want to live? I am imagining it is bluestone, or a nice old sort of red brick on the outside, and dark walnut shelving for the books to rest on until somebody buys them!