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cousin_of_black in bookshop_love

dum di dum...

did some actual proper housekeeping for the first time ever! I deleted that post by apsib--I knew I should have written the name down! I've forgotten it now! Anywho, I deleted it because we're not selling stuff in this community, just discussing bookshops, because we love bookshops!

So, I guess I'll post about another bookshop, while I'm here and all...

Books Around

This is a long and narrow shop on Pakington St in Geelong, and it is very full of secondhand books. The window has lots of books on display, and the moment you walk in there are shelves up to the ceiling filled with books, books, books. I usually walk straight past the counter, which is near the door, up the ramp, along that level, up a few steps, and look at the poetry books, and the lit books. Sometimes I go back down the steps and look at the books about animals.

I don't find it as easy to relax in there as I do in other places; perhaps it's the narrow spaces between the bookcases, and it makes me feel I have to get out of other peoples' way. But I have found good books there in the past, and there are many cafes nearby, in which I can have a coffee and ruminate over all of the other books I would have liked to buy too...