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cousin_of_black in bookshop_love

Borders is in Geelong! At last!

I've been waiting for this day for months! There are so many lovely lovely lit books, and books on writing, and poetry! An amazing poetry section! Ooh ooh I wish I had hundreds of dollars to spend there, and then hundreds of hours to devour the books! And a lovely range of stationery too! Calendars for next year as well.

The lit books are not in a U-shaped section of shelving like they are in the Camberwell store, but it is still very exciting to browse in there, because, of course, it is the books that make a literature section such a delight to browse in! Alas, I had no money to spend, but they have been just as well, because I didn't have to choose just one or two books out of those hundreds!

Ooh, Borders has Moleskine journals too, which are lovely, but expensive. And so many lovely cookbooks! There are the usual chairs for sitting and reading in, and Gloria Jeans is in there too! I look forward to book-shopping in there, and then getting a coffee in Gloria Jeans and beginning the reading of my purchases whilst I drink a cappuccino.

Now, I'm not going to say any more about Borders, because I'm sure you've all been in a Borders, and, like any good chain store, they're all pretty much the same. But I would like to leave you a fun bit of reading to do: go to a library or bookshop, or your bookshelf if you happen to have this book: a collected works of Robert Frost, and find his poem "Canis Major". It's a very nice poem, and I read it while I was in Borders. You may also like to google David Malouf, who is one my favourite poets; I saw his volume Typewriter Music at Borders, and went to the title poem to read it, because it is one of my favourite poems ever. I look forward to the day I have the money to buy that volume! "Typewriter Music" is about how the sound of the typewriter being used is similar to sounds of nature, such as crickets. Is that not reminiscent of a summer's evening, and that relaxed, bohemian feeling that comes over one?


I've actually never been in a borders.
Oh, well, that just shows where generalisations get one...

Is there not a Borders near you?

You could pretend. You could, in fact, pretend your bedroom is a Borders store. Look at some pictures on the net, which I'm hoping the Borders site will show maybe a store or two, or ask a friend to take photos inside a Borders... Then pretend that the store fits the dimensions of your bedroom, with your bed in there too! And only the books you want to read! Then feel very blissful. Then panicked, because you may not have the time in your whole life to read all of those books!

In fact, here's a store and another one, and if you google image search "Borders bookstore" you'll see many more!

I can almost imagine all the books I want fitting in my room! But not having the money required to buy them!
Hmmm for some reason only half the post can be seen. I tried reloading but still same.

Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article